For Families

Interested in starting a garden? We can help!

Many activities this summer have unfortunately been canceled due to the spread of COVID-19. However, a great way to keep busy doing something fulfilling and long-lasting is starting a vegetable garden in your backyard! 


  • improve your health

  • get outdoor exercise while soaking in Vitamin D

  • bond with your family 

  • foster responsibility in your children

  • save money on groceries

  • reduce your carbon footprint 

  • it's a stress-reliever!

Check out some gardens our team helped start! (swipe to see more)

For Schools


Over this past summer, we have worked on creating an engaging presentation about the basics of sustainability and small steps students can take to lead more sustainable lifestyles. It is only 20 minutes long, and we would love the opportunity to present it at your school, maybe to a couple of science classes. 


Make your school district stand out as a leading example of what a sustainable school district looks like. We can help implement vegetable gardens on your school campus, as well as composting, recycling, water conservation, and more. See above under "For Families" for benefits of starting a garden.

Email us if you are interested in either of these at

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